Hawk News

Wings, Feathers, Beaks and Pellets: First and Second Graders Learn About Birds

Like little birds building nests from materials gathered from the surrounding habitat, first and second graders eagerly collected small sticks, acorns, bits of grass and oak leaves to push into clay and dough that they’d fashioned into small, bowl-shaped-nests. This unique hands-on activity was just one piece of a cross-curricular bird study that included learning about identification and field marks, incubation, developmental stages, habitat and adaptations. 

Physics in Motion: Students Design “Newton Vehicles”

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction , Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion formalized in his 1687 tome  Philosophi’ Naturalis Principia Mathematica ( Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy ), has intrigued scientists and curious students ever since — and was the inspiration for a recent Mount Madonna middle school physics proj

Inspiration, Reflection and Opportunity

Each day, as I approach the mountain, there is a moment where I look up and I am struck by the beauty and majesty that will envelop my child during his school day and I become inspired.

I am inspired by the students.

I am inspired by the exceptional faculty. 

I am inspired by the families that greet me.