Learning Journeys – India

On alternating years we travel internationally to places such as India and South Africa. On these journeys students conduct interviews with leading world thinkers, and interact with people of whom live in very different economic and cultural circumstances. This offers students new insights and perspectives on how life is lived, and helps them understand the privileges that we as Americans often take for granted.  The process of interviewing people in positions of high responsibility and service to society builds confidence, helps students imagine a wider range of possibilities for what they can do with their lives. It also develops skills in research, language, and the intuitive process of knowing how to engage respectfully through asking questions.


The Muditaa Project was a project by seniors from Mount Madonna School as part of the Values in World Thought Program. The students went on a learning journey to India from March 27 to April 12, 2015 and prepared for it throughout the entire school year.


Muditaa is a word that comes from Sanskrit and while there are several ways to define it, the simplest is “joy that comes from others’ happiness”. Essentially seeing other people succeed and find happiness is a source of joy for you; that is muditaa.


India Journey Videos

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