Creative Arts


Art class is an opportunity for the students to express ideas, feelings, thoughts and visions without words using a variety of media. Creating art can train the mind to examine things carefully and explore different perspectives which are then revealed in the artist’s work. They create works of art for the school, their homes and the community. Once a year, each class creates artwork to be sold via donations to give to a non-profit organization that helps children around the world.



The goal of dance class is to encourage and allow students to experience the world of dance in a fun, safe, inclusive, and inspiring environment. Students learn basic dance technique, dynamic range, musicality, safe stretching, and choreography memorization, improvisation, and performance skills. There are three dance performances each school year in which students learn, practice, and then perform choreography in front of audiences.



Students have fun engaging in song, rhythmic movement and the use of miscellaneous percussion to celebrate the innate musician within everyone. Students learn to read, write and perform rhythmic notation, including whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes and quarter note rests. They are exposed to a variety of instruments from diverse cultures. The children participate in four school-wide performances including our cultural awareness unit, the Winter Concert, Summit for the Planet, and the Ramayana.

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