5th Grade Environmental Project

For the 5th grade environmental project, we work with the students to create an educational model in which their passions are the driving force, empowering them as global citizens. While we have limited time to cover required curriculum, we are committed to finding ways of embedding curriculum in “real-life” applications within the project.

While the project’s topic changes each year, the roots (or required elements) are the same, and the work evolves based on student passions, allowing each individual to find and contribute his or her gift to the whole, and reaffirming our belief that together we are smarter.

As a service learning project, students form a mock non-profit business to produce a DVD based on their environmental studies project. The profits raised are invested in people who will pay it back via a micro finance bank and funds will in turn be donated to organizations that support their environmental focus. Students learn the value of collaboration to create positive change in their world and aid others not only through charity, but through loans.

Edutopia, 11/9/2015, “Service Learning: Growing Actions from the Roots of Passion,” by Mount Madonna School fifth grade teacher and elementary science specialist, Jessica Cambell. Read her blog.

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Project Videos

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