School Trustees are the “vision keepers” of the school. They hold the highest level of oversight and are responsible for appointing the Head of School and the MMS Board of Directors.


Brajesh Friedberg, Ph.D.

Former MMS Principle and MMC Program Director

David Vishwamitra Prisk, B.S.

MMC Program Director, Parent of MMS Alumni and Current Student

Dayanand Diffenbaugh, B.A.

MMC Director, MMS Faculty, Parent of MMS Alumni, Founding Member of MMC

Jivanti Rutansky, M.S.

Board of Directors, Executive Council

Janardan Farley, B.A.

Founding Member of MMC

Kalpana Kachuck, Ph.D.

Former Principal of MMS

Richard Timan, J.D.

Founding Member of MMC, Parent of Current MMS Student

Sadanand Ward Mailliard, B.A.

Executive Council, Vice President of the Board of Directors, High School Faculty

Sarada Judith Diffenbaugh, Ph.D.

Executive Council, President of the Board of Directors, Former Head of School, Parent of MMS Alumni, Founding Member of MMC

Supriya Mary McDonald, B.A.

Head of School, Executive Council, Secretary of Board of Directors, Finance, Admissions and Development Committees, Elementary Health Education Teacher, Parent of MMS Alumni