Outdoor Education

“Take your mind for a walk.”

Our Lower School students interact daily with Mount Madonna’s natural environment. Our students’ “outdoor classroom” provides opportunities for exploration, observation, imagination and reflection inspired by the natural environment of the redwood forests, oak trees, life lab gardens, ponds, meadows and rocks. Whether grinding sandstone rocks at recess, hiking with big buddies to the newt and duck ponds or simply watching the various migratory birds that visit our lake area bus stop, students’ daily life and classroom lessons help us achieve important eco-literate citizenship goals.

Primary Goals of the Ecoliteracy and Outdoor Learning Program include the development of:

  • Stewardship for our environment, creating sustainable communities.
  • A personal relationship with nature
  • Character building qualities such as perseverance, creativity, team-building, and integrity
  • Physical Health to increase stamina, provide stress reduction and fitness
  • Knowledge of the life/earth sciences, ecology of life, habitats, local plants and animals
  • Nature-inspired creative expression
  • Life skills and wilderness safety
  • Agricultural awareness of food sources, issues in farming, local/global economy.