Buddy Program

Our big and little "Buddy" program between the preschool/kindergarten, elementary and upper school, builds community, communication and practical life skills. It encourages peer modeling, good citizenship and the students form lasting, meaningful relationships.

Buddy Program Stories

Growing Up Together: MMS Mentoring Program Matures

The Mount Madonna School (MMS) graduating class of 2013 and the current third grade class have a special story to tell together. They are the first two classes who have maintained a mentoring relationship across divisions for three consecutive years. Read on....

Quotes from parents

Tonight I had yet another reminder of why MMS is so special. After the middle school volleyball game I went to Harbor High for the high school game. There were two alumni there. I got big hugs and smiles from them. And who am I? A mom of a kid NINE years younger than them.

Do you remember the parents of a 3rd grade kid from when you were a senior in HS? No? Me either! The big buddies program is incredible. That bond is strong.
We have something special at our school.

--Robyn, Parent of Ben, Class of 2022