We are a diverse learning community dedicated to creative, intellectual and ethical growth. We support our students to become caring, self-aware, discerning and articulate individuals. We believe a fulfilling life includes personal accomplishments, meaningful relationships, and service to society.

We Value:

  • Our learning community, which includes students, alumni, faculty, administrators, staff and families
  • Intellectual inquiry that fosters a love of learning, self-discipline and perseverance
  • Continual exploration of how our students learn best
  • The development of relationships based on self-acceptance, empathy, honesty, integrity, respectful communication and shared experiences
  • The transformative power of the creative process
  • Experiential outdoor learning that inspires an appreciation for nature, environmental stewardship and a sense of well-being

Our Environment at Mount Madonna Center

We are hosted by Mount Madonna Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences, a residential community and conference center founded on the principles of yoga, and dedicated to non-harming, self-development and service to society. The values and the beauty of the Center’s 375 acre redwood forest provide a supportive and inspirational context in which our school learning community thrives.