High School Overview

Mount Madonna High School prepares students to lead, serve others, take responsibility, discipline themselves and care for one another. The majority of our students go on to four year institutions of higher learning and our curriculum prepares students for the most elite colleges in the country. Our A-G courses are approved by the University of California and we are accredited grades K-12 by CAIS and WASC. We require that students have four years of English, Mathematics, Laboratory Science, Social Studies, Performing Arts and three years of Second Language Acquisition. Honors courses are available in these subjects and when interest and ability warrant, classes at local community colleges can be arranged. Advanced Placement courses are also available in some academic subjects.


In order to foster students’ growth, we offer a challenging academic curriculum, exceptional performing arts program, visual arts and MMS-designed courses, including Science with Humanity,  Values in American/World Thought and World Religions. Our Learning Journey program provides academic enrichment, opportunities for leadership, self-discipline, reflection and critical thinking. Students travel on extended field trips with faculty to broaden their world experience and go to Catalina Island, Washington, D.C and India or South Africa.


Seniors  participate in a weekly college advisory class and ninth, tenth and eleventh grades have a 21st Century Skills class, where pertinent issues are discussed and skills such as cooking or changing a flat tire are learned. Our high school students are the leaders of the campus and serve as mentors for younger students. They have Student Government Committees that represent the student body, organize social events for the students, produce a student newspaper and engage in community service.


Student athletes compete in volleyball and cross country in the Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League.. Student interests generate participation in other programs  and activities such as Model U.N., literary magazines, film making/photography, etc.


While our program is highly successful, our definition of success is not limited to where our graduates go to college, but rather how prepared our graduates are to achieve their goals and contribute to the world as young adults.

Admissions processes and documents: