Campus Life

All Middle School students are invited to fully participate in planning events and discussing issues of importance at a weekly student council meeting with the middle school director. Rather than hold elections, all students are eligible to attend the meetings at any time.

The Middle School encourages student empowerment and bonding through a weekly “Clubs” period second semester. This program is based on the work of Dr. Yong Zhao. Dr. Zhao’s research suggests that students should choose the way their time is spent during their school day. Although MMS will always primarily offer a strong foundation in classical liberal arts subjects, the “Clubs” period asks the students to design the curriculum. Students form new groups at the beginning of second semester, and find a faculty sponsor. “Clubs” shift each year; past clubs have included cooking, theatre games, debate, fine art, film study, outdoor explorers, and engineering. This period also allows students who may live far apart to bond over something outside traditional curriculum.

Students participate in a weekly Life Skills class during which they may work through social and emotional issues. MMS maintains one cohesive class group at each grade level; the group travels through their day together. During Life Skills, trained professionals help each class group to understand one another better. In addition, during times when no issues are pressing, the class studies relevant topics such as media literacy and digital citizenship, and also hosts experts in health topics.

Middle school schedules include a physical and creative outlet for each class group daily as part of the curriculum (in the form of art classes and classes that include physical exercise), as well as a recess period and a lunch period. Students have some longer block period classes in the morning and 45-minute long classes in the afternoons. The school day for middle school runs from 9:00-3:25; during this time students are only allowed to use personal technology devices under supervision by a teacher for learning purposes. Students are thus strongly encouraged to socialize and enjoy the beautiful natural setting during their breaks.