Faculty and Staff



Ardis Baylor




 Beth England





Clinton Klosinski

Bus Driver, Operations Assistant




Deana Woodrow

Liaison Coordinator




Diane Turk

Operations Manager/Transportation Coordinator




Gail McCredie





 Jeevani Vince

Productions Coordinator, High School P.E. Teacher




Jim Saunders

Bus Driver, Maintenance, Productions Crew, Automotive Mechanic




Juan GonzalezJuan Gonzalez

Maintenance, Productions Crew




Kat Barber

Costumes Coordinator, Activity Van Driver




Komala Correos

Reception Coordinator/Snackbar Coordinator




Linda ManzurLinda Manzur

Assistant to Head of School, Advancement Assistant




Monique Smith

Office Manager




Olwen Skogerson

Finance and Development Assistant




Paul DaviesPaul Davies

Facilities Coordinator, Maintenance, Productions Crew



 Robyn Pearson

Website Administration






Beth Brennan

Middle/High Snack Bar




Dana Kerr

Reception, Office Assistant, Parent Volunteer Coordinator




Jenna Willoughby

Middle/High Snack Bar


Jessica Westbrook

Lower School Recess Monitor


Mary Manjarika Caron

Lower School Recess Monitor


Michelle Van Ooy

Middle/High Snack Bar


Peggy Moore

Middle/High Snack Bar