Middle & High School Admissions

Admissions Criteria

Middle School Eligibility
Entry to the Middle School is based on social, emotional and academic readiness. This includes student performance at or above grade level in all academic areas, satisfactory scores on standardized exams and a record of good conduct.

High School Eligibility
Entry to High School is based on social, emotional and academic readiness for the rigorous college preparatory Mount Madonna High School program. This includes a 3.0 overall average with no grade lower than C, satisfactory scores on standardized exams, and a record of good conduct and positive contributions to the school community. In addition, students are required to have completed at least one year of study of a foreign language, preferably Spanish, prior to enrolling in the 9th grade.

1. Tours and “Shadow Day”

In order to fully appreciate and see our unique educational programs in action, we ask parents to first visit the campus and meet with a member of our school admissions team. Parents and students view the facilities, learn about the mission and history of our school, the overview of programs, parent participation, transportation and the admissions process. We ask that parents visit the school in advance of, or at the same time as a student shadow day.

We also require that prospective middle and high school students attend a “Shadow Day” during which the visiting students sit in on classes in their current and/or future grade and have the opportunity to meet with faculty and current students. (Please note that students participating in a shadow day will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test result, completed within 72 hours of their visit and masks will be worn at all times regardless of vaccination status.)

To schedule a tour or shadow day, please fill out our online form or call Benna Dimig at 408-847-2717 (x242). If you must leave a message, please include your name, your child’s name and grade, and a phone number with best times to reach you.

2. Application

Apply online – Please complete the form in its entirety and use a separate application for each student. You will be prompted to create an account to get started. Use this account for all applications within the family. It will allow you to save your work as you complete the application(s).

Application Deadlines

DECEMBER 13, 2021 – Early Admission Consideration
The early application period is made available for families with siblings for which they wish to apply for admission. Other families may also apply if they are certain that Mount Madonna School is the right school for their child (i.e., families have toured the school and feel somewhat familiar with the program offered). Non-refundable enrollment fees for students admitted during this time will be required. Applications will be accepted only for those classes for which there are openings available.

FEBRUARY 21, 2022 – Regular Admissions
We will accept applications for all grades during this time. All application materials, including confidential reports and supporting documents, must be submitted by this deadline. Interviews will be scheduled after this date. If applicable, please also submit financial assistance documents by this date. Admission notifications will be mailed by March 15, 2022.

MARCH 29, 2022 – Late Admissions
We will continue to accept and review applications for all grades for which we have openings. All application materials, including confidential reports and supporting documents must be submitted by this deadline. Interviews will be scheduled after this date. If applicable, please also submit financial aid documents by this date. Notification of acceptance will be mailed in April 2022.

Applications received after the March 2022 deadline will be evaluated and admission offered on a space available basis after April 2022. The deadline for submission during rolling admissions is the 20th of each month (i.e., April 20, May 20, June 20, 2022).

3. Confidential Report(s)

For Middle School: We require two confidential reports with one being from the current Language Arts teacher and one from the current Math teacher. In the case that they are the same teacher, you may give it to another current teacher of your choice. A third confidential report is optional.

For High School: We require three confidential reports with one from each of the following current teachers: Math, English and Elective of your choice.

4. Next Steps

The Admissions Committee will review all applications upon receipt of the completed Application and Confidential Report Forms. If the applicant meets the admissions criteria, you will be contacted to schedule an interview for your student.

Decision Letters and Wait Pools
The Admissions Committee will review all applicant information. You will then receive written notification letting you know the committee’s decision. If space is not available at the time you have applied and your student has met the admissions criteria, you may request that your application be kept active and you will be notified when space is available.

Thank you for your interest in Mount Madonna School.
We look to forward to meeting you and your child.

Mount Madonna School’s open admission and financial assistance policies do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual preference, ethnic origin, disability, marital status, religion, creed or similar factors. This policy applies to all areas of student concerns: admissions, athletics, educational policies, financial assistance, and other school administered programs.