Middle & High School Admissions

Admissions Criteria

Middle School Eligibility
Entry to the Middle School is based on social, emotional and academic readiness. This includes student performance at or above grade level in all academic areas, satisfactory scores on standardized exams and a record of good conduct.

High School Eligibility
Entry to High School is based on social, emotional and academic readiness for the rigorous college preparatory Mount Madonna High School program. This includes a 3.0 overall average with no grade lower than C, satisfactory scores on standardized exams, and a record of good conduct and positive contributions to the school community. In addition, it is recommended but not required for students to have completed at least one year of study of a foreign language, preferably Spanish, prior to enrolling in the 9th grade. Please contact if you have specific questions about your child’s eligibility as special circumstances are taken into consideration during the admissions process.