Transportation Procedures

Communication of Change in Transportation:
If you are changing your child’s transportation arrangements, please call our school office the day of the change and inform the receptionist or you can email . They, in turn, with notify the teacher and write a note for the bus monitor, so all are aware of the change.

Arrivals after 8:55am:
Attendance is taken at 8:55am in the bus stop area for elementary classes and at 9:00am in the classrooms for middle/high.

  • Elementary parents: If you are running late, please take your child to their teacher in the classroom, (class schedules are posted at the bus stop) and DO CALL THE OFFICE to let them know your child is not ABSENT.
  • Middle and High parents: If your child is late, please accompany him/her to the office to excuse your child’s tardiness.

Pickups after 3:25pm:
Please do not rush up the mountain if you are running late, instead, a call to the office will help us know you are on the way and ease your child’s mind.

  • Elementary: Buses leave the bus stop area at 3:25 and all students in grades 1-5 will be asked to board and wait for their rides in the Upper Campus office. Preschool and Kindergarten children will return to the classroom with their teachers.
  • Middle/High: Buses leave the campus at 3:30pm. Students who are waiting on a ride may sit in the Office.