MMS Faculty Member Seeks Support for Cancer Treatment Research

Before she was teaching middle and high school science at Mount Madonna School, Lisa Catterall worked in cancer treatment research. The company folded in the 1990s after the treatment it focused on stopped working for patients. A few weeks ago, Catterall had an epiphany while watching a student experiment with iron filings in the chemistry lab and realized why the treatment stopped working.

In order to be able to test her new theory, Catterall will need funding. She got together with fellow 3rd grade parent, Robyn Pearson, and built a crowd-funding project that launched this week. It takes a lighter, accessible approach to a serious, scientific project to hopefully get more of the public interested in funding the research.

From this collaboration the project mascot, Poikey, the Cancer Killer was born! He represents the iron filings that are sharp and can, if Catterall is correct, destroy the cancer tumor from within.

Catterall and Pearson hope that they can drum up enough interest in the Indiegogo project online to raise the necessary funds to start the laboratory research.

Learn more about the project and the funding at