Honoring Excellence 2022: Students Recognized with Memorial and Pillar Awards

The Jivanti Rutansky Memorial Award

In honor of Jivanti’s memory, the Mount Madonna School faculty give one high school student and one middle school student an award in her name each year. These awards are presented to students who embody the qualities that made Jivanti such an important ambassador of our school mission. The recipients of this award will be engaged and dedicated members of the school community, empathetic and compassionate classmates, engaged and curious learners, honest and self-reflective individuals, and protectors of the environment. The recipients should demonstrate support of their classmates in their endeavors, and dedicate themselves to service.

Zoey Ocampo-Sobkoviak, 11th
Nikowa D’Costa-Hemp, 8th

Middle and High School Pillar Awards

Mount Madonna School has continued the tradition started in 2013, of presenting awards to students in middle and high school whose achievement in one of the areas of our school’s three pillars – Academic Excellence, Creative Self-Expression and Positive Character Development – was outstanding. These three areas are equally important to success at Mount Madonna School – and, indeed, in the world.

The students who received these awards are the following:

Academic Achievement

Showing outstanding critical thinking and writing skills, thoughtful self-expression, and honest reflection as part of the learning process; with a personal commitment to learning that balances both comprehensive understanding and in-depth inquiry in multiple disciplines.

Blythe Wilson, 12th
Mariah Cohen, 11th
Ona Musoll-Buendia, 10th
Lucy Harris, 9th
Alyssa Hocevar Tabuchi, 8th
Noa Zands, 7th
Marlowe Yen, 6th

Creative Self-Expression

Immersing themselves in the creative process that includes cognitive learning, teamwork, direct experience, reflection and mutual appreciation; creatively expressing him/herself in all academic coursework; experiencing the creative process such that the student overcomes perceived limitations and intuitive intelligence emerges; valuing the collaborative process where individual effort and a willingness to sacrifice for the greater whole result in an inspiring and fulfilling experience.

Liana Kitchel, 12th
Zoey Ocampo-Sobkoviak 11th
Josie Moran, 10th
Amelie Zands, 9th
Acacia Russell, 8th
Romy Sirk-Traugh, 7th
Sophia Krawetz, 6th

Positive Character Development

Reflecting positive ways of dealing with whatever situation is confronting them; dedicated to a spirit of non-harming, cooperation and respectful relationships; striving to realize positive values such as compassion, honesty, cooperation, fairness, dedication and human decency in their daily lives; taking initiative to lead and to serve, take responsibility, acquire self-discipline; and to care for others.

Jimmy Bregman, 12th
Sandy Astone, 11th
Bella Sol Padilla, 10th
Nash Wilson, 9th
Alyssa Hocevar Tabuchi, 8th
Victory Gulizia, 7th
Minami Wu, 6th


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