Everything We Needed to Hear: Students’ 2018 Interview with Congressman John Lewis

“Our interview with Congressman John Lewis in 2018 was, without our knowing it, the last for the Mount Madonna School students,” shares teacher Sadanand Ward Mailliard. “Over the years, our Values in World Thought class students had the privilege of a dozen interviews with the iconic civil rights leader from Georgia. During our 2018 interview, the clarity and passion of his message to the students was so strong. Some of the stories were familiar, but there was a certain intensity and urgency in his voice as if this is what he most wanted us to hear.

“Perhaps time was of the essence,” Mailliard continued. ” In watching this just recently, I was so taken with the completeness of this final engagement with the great man. Nothing was cut. Nothing could be cut. Everything he had to say we needed to hear, to remember and take to heart. How we will miss him. I am thankful we have this to remember him by.”

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