38th Annual "Ramayana!" Photos Available

Hooknose and Bonehead 2016 Ramayana Kudos to the cast and crew of the 38th annual Ramayanas! From costumes to direction, sound, lighting, makeup, hair, choir, band and movement – the show was visually and musically stunning!
Ramayana! 2016 Magazine
Huge appreciation to parents Maureen Pramanik and Vik Sheldon, and to guest photographer Preston Merchant, for volunteering their time and talents to capture some great shots of the cast in action.

These photographers are offering their Ramayana! behind-the-scenes and performance photos to MMS families. Please see below for information on how to get copies of the photos.

Ramayana! Photo Book – Preston Merchant
Ramayana! photo books by Preston Merchant are available now. You can order copies of the 2016 for $15 each. Note, copies of the 2015 and 2014 books can also be ordered or purchased directly through the Hawk Store.
Monkeys and Bears 2016 Ramayana
Ramayana! Photographs – Maureen Pramanik

Digital downloads of individual photos are just $.01 cent each!

Go to: https://mmsphotos.smugmug.com/MMS and select the “Ramayana 2016” album and type in the password** when prompted.

As you scroll through the photos, double-click and open any you like

To purchase, click “buy” – small green box at lower right of screen

Select “This Photo”

Select “Digital Download”
Eleanor Harrington 2016 Ramayana
Cost is just .01 cent each!

**Note, Maureen’s album is password protected. The password will be provided to MMS families in the June 17 weekly eNews.

Ramayana! Photo Album – Vik Sheldon

To receive copies of Vik’s album, send or bring a flash drive to Leigh Ann Clifton in the school office. The photos will be copied to your drive and the drive returned you. Note – because of the time involved, whole albums will be copied, rather than culling albums for specific cast members.

More photos by these three talented photographers:

PreK Cast Circle 2016 Ramayana
Makeup 2016 Ramayana
Demons Lizardo 2016 Ramayana
Kumbhakarna 2016 Ramayana
Ram Lakshman 2016 Ramayana
Outside Plaza 2016 Ramayana