Donations of Plastic Recycling Needed for Students’ Collaborative Art Sculpture

As part of the 15th annual Summit for the Planet, Mount Madonna School third, fourth, and fifth grade students, guided by art teacher Angela Willetts, have started working on a collaborative sculpture, or sculptures, to bring attention to the plastics that end up in the oceans.

“Our inspiration is an oversized jellyfish/trash sea creature work that I shared a picture of with the students,” Willetts.

Students are in need of plastic materials for this project, and ask that you please consider taking a look in your trash and recycling cans at home and at school, and collect any plastics to donate that are not too dirty or messy. Following the Summit for the Planet, students will dismantle the sculpture, and recycle the materials used in creating it.

A mixture of both hard and soft plastic items are needed, and the following items would be especially helpful:

  • Bubble wrap (all kinds, including the big “air pockets” that Amazon uses
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic bottles (milk, juice, shampoo, water, etc.)
  • Disposable coffee/drink lids
  • Single-use straws
  • Six-pack can holders
  • Plastic netting – like the kind used to hold Clementines/oranges
  • Candy wrappers
  • Large sheets of plastic wrapping (like you may find around new furniture)

Plastic donations can be dropped off in the art studio at the upper campus, or you can contact Willetts and she can arrange to pick them up from you.

Donations will be needed and accepted for the next couple weeks as the project continues.




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