Shannon KellyShannon Kelly (’92), B.A.

Director of Upper School, “Values in American/World Thought”, College Counselor, World Religions
B.A., Politics, Minor in History, University of California, Santa Cruz

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2008

Mount Madonna School Graduate, Class of 1992


Anand Darsie, B.A.

Middle/High Voice Teacher, Musical Theater Director
B.A., Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, Bloomington

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2013

“The setting and philosophy of MMS fit perfectly with my own personal mission of allowing students to express themselves creatively through music. When it comes to singing, I place enormous value on letting nature inform vocal production while paying close attention to musical details and honing specific performance practices. I am excited to work hard with the Sampad, Mayana and the students in what is clearly– based on fabulous previous performances — a spectacular and deeply collaborative process.”

 JeevaniVinceJeevani Vince, B.S.

Physical Education, Productions Coordinator
B.S. with Honours, Psychology, University of Milton Keynes, Great Britain

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2009



Haley%20CampbellJ. Haley Campbell (’02) , M.A.

English and Creative Writing
M.F.A. Writing, University of San Fran
cisco; M.A. Teaching with Secondary Credential, Westminster College; B.A. English with Minor in Business Administration, University of San Francisco

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2014

Mount Madonna School Graduate, Class of 2002

“The culture at MMS is so unique because there is such a strong emphasis on academic excellence, but it’s equally balanced with love and support. Today’s educational philosophies highlight the importance of educating ‘the whole child,’ catering to the intellectual, emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual needs. MMS is the embodiment of the ideal. I knew it was an amazing place in my twelve years as a student, but as a teacher, it’s an absolute dream to teach at a school like this where you have the freedom to honor your students as individuals.

I have always loved reading, writing, and storytelling. I think these are such powerful ways to engage with the world, to ask the big questions, to explore new perspectives. I grew up on the mountain as an only child and spent a lot of time wandering through the woods narrating stories in my head. To me, literature is as much a sage guide as a friend or therapist – we can learn so much about human kind, nature, and ourselves by engaging with a good story.”

Lisa Catterall, M.A.

Physics, Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry, “The Factory”
M.A., Education, Concordia University, B.A., Golden Key Scholar, Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder; MAEd.,Curriculum and Instruction, Concordia University (in progress), Six-Sigma Black Belt, Genentech

Publications: Rudge SR, Kurtz TL, Vessely CR, Catterall LG, Williamson DL (2000). “Preparation, characterization and performance of magnetic iron-carbon composite microparticles for chemotherapy.” Biomaterials 21, 1411-1420.

Rudge, S., Peterson, C., Vessely, C., Koda, J., Stevens, S., Catterall, L. (2001). “Adsorption and desorption of chemotherapeutic drugs from a magnetically targeted carrier (MTC).” Journal of Controlled Release Vol. 74, 335-340.

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2007

“I teach at Mount Madonna because the work we do at the school to create deep learning experiences for our students in every subject is becoming a rare commodity in Education. I love the families who are attracted to real learning and the community that gathers here around bringing-up kids who can think, create, question, and influence their world. I enjoy the commitment to passion, innovation, and intellectual rigor in the learning environment.”


Mercedes Johnson, B.A.

Dance and Choreography
B.A., Dance, University of Hawaii, Manoa; Advanced Classical Ballet/Lyrical Jazz, Royal Ballet, Kauai Academy; Intermediate Gymnast Skills, Kauai Gymnastics Academy; Gymnastics/Tap/Ballet/Jazz, Kauai Academy of Dance Gymnastics; Advanced Classical Ballet, Kauai Dance Theater

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2017

“It’s been an honor to serve as a dance teacher for over 6 years and to see students transition into artists. I am excited to collaborate with such a renowned school (MMS) and I look forward to connecting more with this beloved community.”

Nicole%20CulbertsonNicole Silva Culbertson, M.A.

Life Sciences
M.A., Education, B.A. Biology and Psychology, Credential-Single Subject Biology, Health (Supplemental), Credential Multiple Subject K-8, University of California Santa Cruz; Biology, Tulane University, New Orleans LA

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2015

“I am excited to teach science at Mount Madonna in a beautiful and rich environment which lends itself to the study of the natural world around us. Science is about asking the big questions- why, how and what, and we are fortunate to be in a setting that allows this exploration, not only in our physical surroundings, but in our educational setting as well. I am eager to facilitate this path of discovery with the students at MMS.”

Nicole%20TervalonNicole Tervalon, Ph.D.

Director of Technology, Mathematics
Ph.D., MIT, Cambridge, M.A. and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), Woods Hole; M.A. (Joint Program), M.S., Oceanographic Engineering, MIT; B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Summa Cum Laude, Washington State University, Pullman, WA

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2004

“My passion has always been teaching. Not only do I like the challenge of inspiring students, but the thrill of seeing someone grasp a difficult concept they have been working on is extremely satisfying. I am very excited about teaching at MMS because it blends so many strengths I feel are essential for the most effective teaching/learning experience. The small class size, beautiful environment, supportive community, and up-to-date facilities all allow educating to be the focus of each day.”

PK%20McDonaldPK Elliott McDonald (’04) , B.S.

High School Athletic Director, Mathematics and Physics, Volleyball Coach
B.S., Civil Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, CA

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2009

Mount Madonna School Graduate, Class of 2004



RB7_7432Ross Bryan, L.M.F.T.

Digital Photography
LMFT, M.A., Counseling Psychology, John F. Kennedy University, B.S., Business Administration, University of Phoenix

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2011



SN%20MailliardSadanand Ward Mailliard, B.A.

Government in Action, Values in Global Thought
B.A., English, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Joined Mount Madonna School in 1981

“Each day I go into the classroom I am excited to be there because I am teaching what I love. In this wonderful academic setting that is Mount Madonna School, I am committed to bringing forth the ideas and concepts that will inspire our students to do those things in life that will, as Leon Kass says, ‘make them worthy of their own admiration’.”

Sara Sobkoviak, B.S.

8th – 12th Grade Spanish, Track and Field Coach
B.S. Mass Media Communications, Minor in Spanish, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa Oklahoma; Certificate of Spanish Language & Culture, Costa Rican Language Academy

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2015



Sidd%20McDonaldSidd Jot McDonald, B.S.E.E.

Middle and High School Mathematics, Volleyball Coach
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Seattle University

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2003

“Teaching allows me to explore the richness and challenges of mathematics along with the students. With a dedicated and motivated student body the mathematics curriculum is more of an exciting exploration than a repetition of facts. Teaching within the environment of Mount Madonna allows the students, and myself, a more contemplative atmosphere. Knowing all the students personally allows for a bonding which encourages each of us to strive to higher levels of understanding by supporting each other.”

Tiffany%20WayneTiffany Wayne, Ph.D.

Ph.D., History, Minor in American Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz, M.A., History, University of California, Santa Cruz, B.A., Women’s Studies, Earl Warren College Honors, University of California, San Diego

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2014

“I am thrilled to be teaching at a school where teachers and students have the freedom to ask the big questions. I love to get students excited about history by making connections to the issues that affect them today, whether it’s social justice or human rights or politics or war. Middle and high school students want to know and truly understand what is going on in the world and what motivates our leaders and decision-makers. History helps us understand how we got to this current moment and, ultimately, what makes us human.”