Wildlife Safety at Mount Madonna

The Mount Madonna property and its environment is the habitat for many kinds of wildlife, including deer, turkeys, snakes and mountain lions, all of which have been sighted on our land.

Please review the following guidelines when walking or hiking away from the buildings.

  • Avoid hiking alone
  • Keep children close by
  • Make noise as you hike or walk so as to not surprise the animal
  • Do not feed, try to pet or chase any of the local wild life
  • Report any sighting of a mountain lion to the Office

If you encounter or see a mountain lion:

  • Do not approach the animal
  • Back away slowly, giving the lion an opportunity to escape
  • Do not run, crouch down or turn your back on the lion
  • Do all you can do to appear larger, wave your arms and speak loudly

If you are out hiking around, it is recommended that you carry pepper spray. “Fox Pepper Spray” in the two ounce size is economical (approximately $18) and effective with a 12-15 foot range. It is available on Amazon (click here).

We review these guidelines with our students and faculty each year. And please remember dogs are not allowed out on the property.