Performing Arts Song Share: Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016

I-Just-Want-to-SingAll participate. Choose a section of a song (no more than 90 seconds) that you like and are capable to share. Avoid lyrics with profanity, put downs of cultural, gender, ethnic or religious groups, or that contain explicit sexual descriptions or violent images. This is not a talent show per se, nor about who sings well or who feels they do not. Nor is it a preliminary audition for the winter shows. Instead, the purpose is to establish a bond between the members of group by taking a personal risk.

Singing can be a vulnerable experience. If the adventure sounds ominous, hang in there; it actually is a very liberating activity. We support one another while doing it. Everyone survives. We appreciate for new and returning students (as well as for directors who participate), the experience creates a few butterflies.  While we encourage acapella soloists, instrumental accompaniment is permissible. Duets are also okay with each vocalist having solo opportunity within the piece

Our recommendations: 

  1. The selection can be short, even a minute is fine- 2 verses + chorus.
  2. Pick a song you like, in your vocal range, that doesn’t jump too high or low.
  3. Songs that are rhythmic or percussive (Rap) are okay, but make sure lyrics are appropriate.
  4. Avoid “Happy Birthday”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or “Star Spangled Banner”- or songs of that nature. None seem to work well.
  5. Best to memorize the piece. You can have the lyric page up just in case, but avoid simply reading the song.
  6. Advice for those who are new- Talk with experienced classmates about song share. Everyone is in the same boat. On the first day, let the veteran students go first and see how the room responds to one another while we sing. It may sound scary, but it is a “good” scary. Not like crossing the freeway blindfolded…
  7. Don’t mock the experience; instead, take the risk to inhabit the song.

Song Share Recipe for Success

  • Embrace Opportunity,
  • “Be Me or the Tree.” Sing from your perspective or from that of the character.
  • Personalize Imaginary Audience- think of someone or even a pet who loves you unconditionally. Put his/her image above the crowd and sing to that person/creature
  • Eye Focus a little above heads of audience.
  • Friends Know When To Say When- as an audience, don’t distract, or share an in joke
  • Song Share is the doing- success is your standing up and being present
  • Set your “bar” a little higher from where you are: push your comfort zone
  • Trust yourself, your classmates and the room to handle whatever happens
  • Embody safety for one another; we are our own best examples.
  • “And Never Was Heard A Discouraging Word”- be kind and supportive
  • Vegas Manta: What Happens in Assembly Room-stays in Assembly Room
  • No apologies or explanations. Plant your feet, take a breath and let it rip

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