Ocean of Stars: MMS Fifth Grader Enters Artwork in Competition

Mount Madonna School fifth grader Simone McIntyre has entered her mixed-media work, The Ocean of Stars , in an art contest organized by the California Coastal Commission. 
In a statement that accompanied her work for the contest, Simone shared:
‘ The Ocean of Stars is made of a paper sky and a painted ocean with sparkly stars and shells washed up from the sea. I made my art piece by picking the paper for the night sky. I glued it on and then started to paint the ocean. I started with the dark part of the ocean and then went lighter. Then I did the foam, which was the hardest part of the art piece. Then I did the sand; I made the sand with texture, so it looked like sand. Finally, I glued the shells on. When I look at the ocean I don’t just think the sky is blue, I think of it as a design, a piece of art which is what I wanted my piece to show. I have always loved the ocean, I love playing in the ocean, I go tide pooling and I participate in Junior Guards program and I wanted my piece to show that love.’
Good luck to Simone; the results will be announced in April. 

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