Imagination and Creativity: Student Recognized for ‘Flying’ Car

Congratulations to Mount Madonna School fourth grade student Addy Catterall-Pendleton, who was recognized recently for his project entered in the 2014 Santa Cruz County Science Fair. For his project ‘Maglev,’ Catterall-Pendleton was recognized for his creative engineering skills with a prize to attend a workshop at the Makers Factory in Santa Cruz. There he will have the chance to work with a 3-D printer, learn about animation, electronics and more — all things he eagerly looks forward to participating in. 

“I watched a cartoon show on TV that was set in the future, and there were a lot of flying cars,’ explained Catterall-Pendleton. “This caught my interest and made me want to create my own flying car.’

Using Legos, strong magnets and a little bit of Super Glue, he did just that — built a car and attached magnets to allow it to ‘levitate’ a few inches off the table surface. 

In addition to being just one of six students in the whole competition to receive a Makers Factory prize, Catterall-Pendleton also received a ‘Project of Merit’ elementary division award in the Energy and Transportation category.

Other MMS students also participated in the Science Fair: 7th grade, Cam Diskowski, ‘Hamsters, Humans and Obstacles’; 6th grade: Alessio Bernardi, ‘Monkey-face, Pricklebacks’; Aliya Oswald, ‘One Direction vs. The Beatles’; Ksenia Medvedeva, Lily Hernandez and Paola Jacobs, ‘Le Chicks’; and Senna Kolagotla, ‘Stress and the Human Body’; 4th grade, Maddie Erbe, ‘Moldy Delight’; 3rd grade: Maana Kolagotla, ‘Invisible Ink with Lemon Juice’; and Sam Kaplan, ‘Air Pressure and Cans’ and 2nd grade, Sebastian Francke, ‘Wheels and Surfaces.’

Kudos to each of these inspired young scientists!


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