Growing Up in Santa Cruz, Teaching from a Distance

Growing Up in Santa Cruz, April 2020, “Teaching from a Distance,” by Lisa Catterall.

Every day we wake up and there is nothing but time. My body jumps up thinking I’m already late. Late to make lunches, make breakfast, find their shoes. Did I lay out their clothes? Are their drawers full or will I be digging in the dryer? Don’t forget the bag of supplies for my teaching day. Go, go, go. Where are my keys? Are the car seats in the car? Teaching and parenting has been a marathon for 12 years.

But now we have nowhere to go. I turn on the weather and hope the news is pushing the hopeful stories of the day. We make breakfast, late, and ponder. Are we feeling happy or sad? Should we make plans? To do what? Is there anything we actually can do, to help, to keep sane, to feed ourselves, to stay healthy? We bake the bread. We water the garden. We clean everything up. We find new ways to laugh and connectRead more