Growing Up in Santa Cruz, Education: Face to Face

Growing Up in Santa Cruz, January 2021, Education, “Face to Face,” by Jeanette Prather.

It is safe to say that the domino effect of having schools halt in-person education for the majority of 2020 has been … disruptive. Parents, students, school faculty and anyone who has a concept of what it takes to educate youth understands the complexity of “the system.” Demonstrating an admirable resilience in the face of a pandemic, students have adapted and adjusted to the times, and teachers have shown that their valiant efforts and unwavering passion can and will educate children across many platforms and over a variety of wavelengths. So, when it was announced that schools and small cohorts were allowing in-person education, following specific and rigid guidelines, it’s not surprising that most private and public schools jumped at the opportunity. Read more