Congratulations to Science Fair Participants!

Congratulations to all MMS students who participated in the Santa Cruz County Science Fair this year.

An additional congratulations to Lekha, 7th, and Samith, 6th, who received awards for their science fair projects. Lekha won third place in the category of Medicine and Health, and Samith won a “Project of Merit” award in the category of Microbiology. Congratulations  as well to Addy, 3rd, and Cecily, 2nd, who also received a “Project of Merit” award.



Following is the list of students and their projects:

  • Addy C. and Cecily K.  – “Household and Agricultural Pollution in the San Lorenzo and North Coast Watershed”
  • Eleanor H. and Ella C. –  “We ‘Sea’ Water Differently”
  • Sara B. – “Comparing the Treatment of Cows and Calfs on Organic Dairy Farms”
  • Sienna C. and Faith V. – “Effects of Sport Drinks on the Human Body”
  • Lekha D. – “Use of Technology to Measure Sleep Quality and Habits of Bedtime Media Among Youth”
  • Nico P. – “What Was There Before My House?”
  • Samith L. – “ProBiotics in Store Bought versus Home Made Yogurt”
  • Will M. and Zac C. – “Effects of Video Games on the Mind”