Congratulations Rosino: Northern California and Western Regional Boxing Champion!

Congratulations to Rosino LeGan, recently named the 2012 Northern California and Western Regional Boxing Champion! Rosino, a 10th grader at Mount Madonna School, began boxing at age 12, and is now poised to compete in the USA Boxing Junior Olympic National Championships to be held June 19-22 in Mobile, Alabama.

“Boxing is all about challenges. The training is hard work both mentally and physically, and executing your game plan (and keeping a cool head) in competition is a big test,” comments LeGan. “I enjoy the thrill of competition and the feeling of winning a fight with another person,” he explains. “My dream is to win a gold medal in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.”

Next year, once reaching age 17 ½, LeGan will be able to compete for an Olympic boxing team position. In addition to the age requirement, contenders must win a national championship during an Olympic year in order to gain an invite to the Olympic trials. A win at Olympic trials secures both an Olympic team position and places the boxer on an international travel team to compete in overseas meets in preparation for the Olympic competition.

LeGan is trained by his dad, Tom, and competes for the San Jose Police Activities League (P.A.L). He follows a rigorous, six-day a week training program, including morning sprints and long distances to build his endurance, and strength-training exercises.

“To work towards my dream I make lots of social sacrifices and keep my body healthy 24/7. I don’t go to parties, I go to bed early and get up early to run, and have eliminated candies and soda from my diet. I could write a whole paper on the things I don’t do so I can box at my best,” he says. “I do lots of shadowboxing and mitt training with my coaches to improve my technique and speed, with some heavy-bag work to build power. My favorite training is sparring, which I also do lots of. It is the most like the fights and I have to put everything together.”

Amateur or Olympic-style boxing first became an organized sport in 1888, and initially its popularity was primarily limited to the United States. Since 1904 when boxing first became an Olympic sport, United States boxers have won 106 Olympic medals: 47 gold, 23 silver, and 36 bronze.

In addition to dedication, hard work and talent, participation in a national-level competition requires tremendous financial resources. LeGan is currently seeking sponsorships to help make it possible for him to attend the Junior Nationals and other key boxing events. If you are interested in making a contribution, contact Tom LeGan at (408) 465-6679.



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