A Cross-Cultural Exchange: MMS-Sri Ram Ashram Connection Committee

Since the founding of Mount Madonna School (MMS), the MMS community has enjoyed a strong connection with the Sri Ram Ashram in India. Through the decades, many MMS students (some since preschool) have appreciated this cross-cultural connection, and yet over the years this connection has faded. The new MMS-Sri Ram Ashram Connection Committee, is made up of a group of interested high school students, and advised by faculty member Harjit Punj. It was formed to rebuild this connection between our two communities, with a goal of connecting our communities through a cross-cultural exchange.

Some of the ways we plan on establishing this connection are through educational posters about different traditions and general news at the ashram and a Facebook page where kids from MMS and the ashram can share and explore each other’s cultures. We hope you will join us in the rebuilding of a bridge that we have known for so long. – Grace Timan, 11th grade, on behalf of the MMS-Sri Ram Ashram Connection Committee.

MMS-Sri Ram Ashram Connection Committee Project Proposal (Adobe pdf)

June 2020 poster

July 2020 poster

August 2020 poster