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Seussical Jr. Cast Announcement!

Congratulations to All!

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Fighting Hunger: Second Grade Leads Food Drive Effort at MMS

For the fifth consecutive year, the Mount Madonna School (MMS) second grade class is leading a community social service effort at MMS, to collect donations of canned, boxed and packaged dried food for the Grind Out Hunger Program and Second Harvest Food Bank. This year, partnering with their 4th and 11th grade buddies, the students set a goal of collecting enough donated food to provide 700 meals.

MMS HS Classes Now Using Google Classroom

We’re excited to announce a new tool we’re trying out this year called Google Classroom.  It’s linked to our school’s Google Apps for Education account and provides our teachers with the ability to assign, review, comment on, and grade homework digitally.  There are a number of teachers who are experimenting with using it as a tool this year to improve their management of submitted work, collaboration, and increase the speed with which they can return work to the students

Gilroy Today: Mount Madonna Goes to Washington

Gilroy Today, fall 2014 issue, "Mount Madonna Goes to Washington, story by Ward Mailliard, photos by Shmuel Thaler and Ward Mailliard. 

Read this story (download Adobe pdf)

Creative Engineering: The Factory at MMS

The Factory at Mount Madonna School (MMS) is a recently re-designated classroom space on the upper campus that students are utilizing for an array of creative projects. Resources include a state-of-the-art 3D printer, Arduino input/output sensors, LilyPad sewable circuits, a full complement of Snap Circuits education kits, soldering irons, ample motors, LEDs, switches and power supplies. There is enough space for up to three classes at a time to store ongoing engineering projects.

Welcome to Our New Faculty!

Four enthusiastic teachers have joined the ranks at Mount Madonna School (MMS) this year. Brendan Dilloughery, Haley Campbell, Stewart Diaz-Mogollon, and Tiffany Wayne will be educating our students in the areas of middle and high school mathematics, science, outdoor adventure, English, Spanish, creative writing and history. 

Educating for Authentic Success

Below is an article Mary Supriya McDonald wrote in January 2013 in conjunction with the Lower School's focus on curriculum mapping and core competencies.

Importance of Gratitude and Play, and Welcome Back to School from Supriya McDonald

Dear Lower School Families and Mount Madonna School Community,

The mountain is beginning to feel like school time as the morning ocean fog begins to retreat and the warm fall weather arrives. The lotus flowers in the lake near the bus stop are in full bloom. The playgrounds are being filled with wood chips, sand and pea gravel. Our maintenance crews have been busy painting decks, classrooms, railings and the gym floor received a complete sanding and refinishing. The Mountain of Fun Summer Program was a wonderful success and a huge thank you to Jenni Leach for serving as the Summer Director and to Hema Walker for serving as co-teacher, as well as to Isa Stead for offering arts and crafts.

Preschool & Kindergarten Work Party

 We hope that you might find some time to come to the preschool/kindergarten campus on Saturday, August 23 from 11am to 2pm to help with all sorts of jobs, from emptying new sand into our sandboxes to washing cubbies, to gardening. (If you have shovels and pruning shears or hedge clippers please bring them. We do not need any painting supplies.) Your help will be greatly appreciated and there will be refreshments!

Aug 23, 2014

Preschool & Kindergarten Social at the Beach

All preschool and kindergarten families are warmly invited to the annual MMS Pre/K Garden Party at the Pajaro Dunes starting at 2:00pm! This event is the perfect opportunity for parents/guardians and children to get to know one another - or get reacquainted after the summer break!

The Pajaro Dunes are located at the end of Beach Street in Watsonville.

Questions? Please contact Sarojani Rohan, Pre/K Director, at

Aug 17, 2014