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Santa Cruz Sentinel: Four County Teams Receive Honors

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 12/18/2013, "Four county teams receive honors by CCS." Read more:

MMS Girls Varsity Team Scores Top Academic Honor: Best GPAs in CCS

Mount Madonna School’s girls varsity volleyball team has received the Central Coast Section (CCS) highest academic honor by the CIF: “2013-14 Fall Season Scholastic Championship Team Award.”

Building Together: Fourth Graders Study Electricity and Construct Holiday Houses

Hammer in one hand and a tiny nail in the other, Mount Madonna School fourth grader Sofia Brevis used her fingers to nimbly position the nail’s sharp tip along the edge of the ‘roof’ piece she was attaching to a small wooden house. Her mother sat alongside and held the house base steady as her daughter hammered that nail – and then 3 more – all the way in.

Around the classroom, other fourth graders, assisted by parent volunteers and fourth grade teacher Linda Pope – are engaged and building too – a pleasant rhythm of hammers, nails and wood – as 13 little houses are constructed.

Electrochemistry Lab: Students Silver Plate Holiday Ornaments

As part of their study of redox reactions and electrochemistry, Mount Madonna School’s sophomore class participated in a hands-on lab activity by silver plating holiday ornaments.  

Complex Issues and Global Resolutions: Students Participate in Model U.N.

The 6th year of the Model United Nations (MUN) club at Mount Madonna School (MMS) got underway recently with an assembly at Stanford University. Ten MMS high school students participated in the event held November 15-17. The participating students were: Preethi Balagani, 12th; Alyssa Feskanin, Chris Colip, Lena Wiley, Lexi Julien, Renata Massion, Tobin Mitchell and Zoe Kelly, 11th; Sophia Saavedra, 10th; Isabella Bettencourt, 9th, along with honorary member Lekha Duvvoori.

Santa Cruz Sentinel: "Aladdn Jr." to Swing Through MMS Stage

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Hooker Named Commended Student and "Aladdin Jr." Onstage

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 11/24/2013, Education Digest: "Hooker named commended student" and "Aladdin Jr. to swing through MMS stage."  Read more:

Morgan Hill Life: "Pioneers, the Gold Rush, and 'Cullumah': Students Learn CA History

Morgan Hill Life, 11/27/2013, "Mount Madonna students learn about California history on two-day field trip." Read more:

Middle/High School December Special Schedule

Middle / High December Special Schedule has been posted on the Homework Website in the General Information section for each grade. These schedules include the finals schedules for the HS students. 

MS students don't have formal finals.  Schedules were handed out to MS students Tuesday, Nov. 26. HS schedules were handed out Wednesday, Nov. 27

Simulating History: WWl Trench Warfare Lesson

Garbed in loose-fitting, camouflage print jackets, t-shirts and jeans, their long hair bound in tight braids, two eleventh grade girls bent down, and each dipped a finger in the sticky mud, and casually smeared muddy lines under their eyes and across their cheeks. Then, with a little nervous, anticipatory chatter, they rejoin their classmates in a three-foot wide, 25-foot long, waist-deep rocky trench to discuss strategy and appoint the ‘general’ who would lead them into ‘battle.’

‘Intentional debris’ is haphazardly strewn around the surrounding ‘scarred’ battlefield: a couple hundred red bricks caked with crumbling mortar, large chunks of concrete, an array of broken tree branches, pieces of bark and mud. Lots of mucky, wet mud. This man-made mud, courtesy of volunteer firefighter Kevin Campbell’s frequent drenchings from a nearby fire tanker truck containing 1,000 gallons of water, was intended to keep participating students wet, uncomfortable and even a bit cold – all for the sake of learning.