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Featured Video: 2014 High School Whitewater Rafting Trip

See the world through our students' eyes: 

Mount Madonna high school students spent their first week of school in September whitewater rafting on the American River. 

2013-14 Fifth Grade Class' Sea Turtle Movie Named as Finalist in CreaTV's Local Filmmaker Awards; Gala on January 10

Mount Madonna School and teachers Jessica Cambell and Nate Rockhold are excited to announce that the 2013-14 fifth grade class’ sea turtle project movie, "Don't Be A Nurdle, Save the Sea Turtle; Poaching, Bycatch & Plastic Pollution, Tell the Whole World About Our Solution" has been selected as a FINALIST in the student filmmaker category of the 2014 CreaTiVe Awards. 

Featured Video: Students' 2014 Interview with Broadcast Journalist Ray Suarez

See the world through our students' eyes: 

Mount Madonna School students interviewed broadcast journalist Ray Suarez on May 14, 2014, as part of their Values in World Thought class and Washington, D.C. interview tour. 

Winter Concert Videos and Photos Available!

Kudos to our elementary teachers and students on a fabulous Winter Concert in December! Special appreciation to dance teacher Micha Scott for the lovely choreography, Elementary Music Director Sarojani Rohan for coodinating this annual concert, Anurag White and Monique Smith for office support, and to all who contributed to making this event possible. 
MMS parent Michael Don Carlos is makng his concert videos available for download. The link to his album* is:

The Gilroy Dispatch: Students Learn History from the Trenches

The Gilroy Dipatch, 12/20/2014, "Students Learn History from the Trenches." Read the story

Students Participate in Model U.N.

The Gilroy Dispatch, "Students participate in Model U.N." Read the story

Morgan Hill Times: Students Learn History from the Trenches

Morgan Hill Times, 12/31/2014, "Students learn history from the trenches," submitted (By Prema Gammons). Read the story

Photo by Maureen Pramanik

Photos of "Seussical" Characters and Performances Available for Download

The reviews are in and the audience says "two thumbs up!"
"Seussical, Jr.” was amazing from top to bottom, truffula trees to McElligot's Pool; from the colorful sets and original costumes to the wonderfully talented middle school students and dedicated performing arts team. Kudos, one and all!

Whales' Tale: Students Learn About Marine Mammals

Under a covered walkway at Mount Madonna School (MMS), boys and girls stood alongside one another, their small fingers curled around pieces of braided nylon rope. The rope was precut into specified lengths, with each piece labeled to correlate to the average size of different whale and dolphin species. The children, MMS elementary students, were participating in a simulation designed to give them a visual and physical representation of the comparative sizes of large marine mammals.

Student Spotlight: Rami Walker

-Name, age, grade, city of residence
Rami Walker, 18, senior, Watsonville
-What inspires you?
Being in nature, climbing things, and exploring. Also the type of feel good movies that make you want to live a better life.
-What is your favorite subject in school, and why?
have always been fascinated with biology.