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Santa Cruz Sentinel: Mount Madonna Students Win National Environmental Award

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/16/2015, "Mount Madonna students win national environmental award," by Kara Guzman. Photos by Kevin Johnson. Read more

EPA honors Mount Madonna class

Honoring Traditions: Middle School Student Mural Installed

Thalia and Melpomene, the ancient Greek muses, are frequently depicted in modern theater by two masks with exaggerated expressions. These iconic theatrical symbols, one smiling and one frowning, represent the divide between comedy and tragedy, and feature prominently in a Mount Madonna School (MMS) student mural recently installed at the Upper Campus. The Journey Within and Without by Zoe Kelly, class of 2015, "Teaching +T: Classrooms Around the Globe," an eNewsletter, featuring "The Journey Within and Without," an essay by Mount Madonna School senior Zoe Kelly. Read more

Photo by Shmuel Thaler

Sophomores to Assist Scientists with Goby Research on Catalina Island

The Mount Madonna School (MMS) sophomore class will have a unique opportunity on their upcoming 9th and 10th learning journey to Santa Catalina Island: the opportunity to assist visiting scientists with research on a tiny and plentiful fish, the Catalina Goby. 

Both Sides of the Desk and Stage: Faculty Spotlight on Sampad Martin Kachuck

Plunging into the watery depths from a swimming pool’s high dive can be intimidating, and, as a child growing up, Sampad Martin Kachuck admits his own fear of heights made high dives a huge personal challenge that he struggled to overcome.

Celebrating 37 Years Onstage: MMS' "Ramayana!"

Ramayana!, the Mount Madonna School (MMS) sword-and-sorcery epic now in its 37th year, features an original rock-n-roll score and magical characters who encounter danger and love, good versus evil, duty, heroic action and sacrifice. Performances on June 5-7 at the Mexican Heritage Theater in San Jose. 

Whale Watching - 5th grade - Moss Landing

May 05, 2015

Circuitous Paths and Pursuing Passions: Career Forum Inspires Students

Despite an early strong interest in aviation and operating “complicated machinery,” veteran commercial pilot Michael Don Carlos said the route to his career was “not a straight arrow.” After high school, he initially chose to attend the University of Colorado, Boulder, with the intention of becoming a professional, competitive skier.

Fifth Grade Orca Project Wins First Place at Santa Cruz Earth Day

“We Ourselves Set this Problem in Motion, Let’s Help Save the Orcas of the Ocean,”  a project of the Mount Madonna School (MMS) fifth grade class, has won First Place in the environmental Class Challenge at the Santa Cruz Earth Day celebration on April 18. The students were presented with $300 prize for their First Place finish.