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Student Spotlight: Lena Wiley

-Name, age, school, grade, city of residence
Lena Wiley, 17, Mount Madonna School, senior, Watsonville
-What inspires you? 
I am inspired by how vast the world is and how much is possible for me to do and see in it. The community also inspires me, along with the great things people have created and accomplished by working together.
-What is your favorite subject in school, and why?
Womens “Herstory,” because we learn about women and the feminist movement throughout American history, and discuss prevalent current gender issues.

Learning History from the Trenches: Students Simulate WWI Warfare

It is a gray, wet afternoon as rain drips through the redwoods on the Mount Madonna School (MMS) campus. A group of tenth and eleventh grade students can be spotted bustling outside of their classroom, full of nerves and anticipation. Most are adorned in camouflage with black smudges of paint under their eyes. To the casual observer it might appear that these students are preparing for a theatrical production.

December Special Class Schedules

We start our December special schedule on Monday, December 1st upon our return from the Thanksgiving Holiday. Middle School students have received special schedules on Wednesday, November 26th. You can also find copies of the schedule on the homework website in the General Information folder/class. Students can pick up extra copies at the office.

Middle School Outdoor Shelter Adventure

Tucked against the trunk of a substantial redwood tree, naturally camouflaged and constructed from tree branches, bits of bark, leaves, tree needles – the same forest “litter” that covers the surrounding area – a small hobbit-sized shelter is visible.

'Strange and Wonderful Thinks': Seussical Jr. at Mount Madonna School

Join Jojo, a “thinker of strange and wonderful thinks,” Horton the Elephant, the tiny Whos of Whoville, Cats in Hats and other memorable characters for “Seussical Jr.,” a colorful, magical adventure that speaks not only to the power of imagination and determination of love, but also the need for compassion, humanity – and a recognition that “a person’s a person no matter how small.” A humorous and at times poignant musical, the score is a ‘Seussian gumbo’ of musical s

Thought, Word and Action: Faculty Spotlight on Premdas Rohan

Euler’s identity, ei π + 1 = 0, frequently cited by scientists as the ultimate example of a “beautiful equation,” is also the favorite formula of longtime mathematician and Mount Madonna School (MMS) teacher Premdas Rohan. 

3rd Grade Moral Hero Project Presentations

Stop by and visit the 3rd Grade Classroom. The 3rd graders will have their Moral Hero Museum set up for viewing!
Dec 02, 2014

Student Spotlight: Renata Massion

Student Spotlight

Thank You Book Fair Volunteers!

During the last week of October, Mount Madonna School (MMS) hosted its annual Scholastic Book Fair, a much-anticipated event, particularly for elementary and middle school families. 99.9% of the new books that enter MMS’ library each year, are purchased with funds raised through book fair sales, according to MMS librarian Gail McCredie (Renata, 12th). Gail coordinates the event, supported by the help of parent – and sometimes student – volunteers.  

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