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Physics in Motion: Students Design "Newton Vehicles"

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion formalized in his 1687 tome Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy), has intrigued scientists and curious students ever since – and was the inspiration for a recent Mount Madonna middle school physics proj

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Mount Madonna School Students Stand Up for Snowy Plovers

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 12/10/2015, "Mount Madonna students stand up for snowy plovers," by Donna Jones. Photos by Shmuel Thaler. Read the story

Valor, Honor and Gender Equity: Mulan Jr. Onstage

Despite uncertainties and at great personal risk, Mulan, a young Chinese girl, disguises herself as a boy to take her father’s place in fighting the invading Huns.

Model United Nations at Stanford University

This year Mount Madonna School (MMS) took the largest Model United Nations (MUN) delegation it has ever had to Stanford University’s MUN conference. Our students participated in a variety of committees, ranging from a historic crisis committee dealing with the Opium Wars, to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Each of our 14 delegates was asked to engage fully with their fellow delegates and to work on resolving the issues set before them.

Djembe, Dance and Song: Students Learn from Senegalese Artists

While her husband M’bor beat an energetic rhythm on his Senegalese d’jembe drum, Oumou Faye, garbed in colorful clothing from her west African homeland, wasted no time in arranging a group of Mount Madonna School (MMS) middle school students in rows to teach them lyrics and a series of choreographed movements for the KouKou dance.
Watching the students learn the movements (and at times joining his father to beat a drum) was the couple’s youngest ch

New Literature for Third Grade!

Mount Madonna School third graders spent the dollars they earned as a prize for selling Drive for Schools tickets on new books for their classroom! In addition, many generous parents  bought the class new books at the recent Scholastic Book Fair. so the class is happily enjoying great literature! 

A Whale (Well, Squid) of a Tale: Renowned Oceanographer and Marine Biologist Dr. Edie Widder Visits Mount Madonna School

So many of us, young and younger alike, have read (or at least watched film versions of) Jules Verne’s iconic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Captain Nemo’s underwater adventures are nothing short of legend, steering his Nautilus into the great ocean depths and, to this day, into our imaginations.

Celebrating Arts and Education: 2015-16 Performing Arts Season

Performing Arts Season:

Mulan Jr. — December 12-13

Elementary Winter Concert — December 17

Once Upon a Mattress — January 22-24

Cultural Awareness Perf. — March 24-25

38th annual Ramayana! — June 10-12


Celebrating Arts and Education: 2015-16 Performing Arts Season

Making Strides: MMS’ First Female Runner Competes in CCS; Team Scores Top Academic Honor

Congratulations to Mount Madonna School (MMS) junior Cat Ching, who qualified and competed in the Central Coast Section (CCS) cross country championships on November 14.