Student Voices: Creative Writing Reading on Feb. 23

You are invited to our high school’s annual Creative Writing Reading on Friday, February 23 at 7:00pm in the Assembly Room. Students will be sharing original poetry, stories, personal essays and songs.

Here are excerpts from students’ reflections written following the 2017 event:

This year’s Creative Writing Reading was one of my favorite yet. Not only did I feel that my own piece was significant, but it was clear just how much thought went into everybody’s submissions. It always fascinates me to listen to each individual piece because it reveals things I didn’t know about people whom I have known for years. Listening to the reading has really changed the way I see my peers, and what is really going on in their thought processes. So much depth was revealed this year, and it really struck me in a way that it hadn’t in previous years. I usually have difficulty listening deeply to pieces before my own due to the fact that nervous. This year, I found that I could let go of that and really get into what others were reading beyond my usual focus. I even found that there were some pieces that I could absolutely relate to directly, and it almost felt as if the pieces were written to get a point across to just me. I know this wasn’t so, but it shows just how expansive some of the piece’s influences were… In my opinion this reading was the best yet, and I can’t wait to see what else our community will create. – By Zach Wagner  

Anxiety, eagerness, and appreciation. I experienced anxiety for my fellow peers going up to read, even if I wasn’t doing it myself. For I understand these experiences (considering all Mount Madonna makes us do in this realm). I found myself eager to hear everyone’s piece, knowing it showed some part of them that normally would not come out. Yet on this night, I was able to see this new side to some that I had never witnessed: people being real, genuine, and vulnerable. They were letting words pour from their minds, out of their mouths, and flood our ears…I found myself bewildered at the creativity the students put into their pieces. Whether it was the content of the writing or how they found a way to put a whole new element in, for example music. Students found ways to make their writing flow in this melodic way that you would think came from true poets. After going to this event and hearing about the many awards students from Mount Madonna received in the national writing competition, I realized just how talented our student body is, the students as well as all the educators and staff who help guide us in this direction. I am so lucky and privileged to go to this school, and I have known this, but after that Friday night, it shed light on the skilled and personable individuals our school is made up of, which makes Mount Madonna so unique. – By Kaili Sullens

The work was greatly thought out, and each piece was infused with meaning and importance. Everyone conveyed a story and a theme that was part of them and was thoroughly well written. The strong voices carried out through the room with great force and impact. The intent of the work was clear and it was fascinating to see how powerful everyone was. The different art forms of music and singing added to the strength of the performed pieces, and the immense talent of all of the readers blew me away. It was a tremendously fun night of creation and music. – By Priyanka Bharghavan



Photos by Ross Bryan

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