MMS Food Guidelines for Events

Parents are often asked to donate, bring or purchase items for events and we do appreciate and count on your help for these events. At the same time, we would like to offer healthy options to everyone in our community. We affirm that MMS is hosted by a vegetarian community and all items at MMS events and potlucks on campus need to be vegetarian. Listed below are some additional things to keep in mind when supplying food for an MMS event, concessions or cast parties.


Peanuts or peanut products – We have some students who are very allergic to peanuts so we ask that you please check labels for any peanut product before providing food for an event. Since this is a relatively common problem labels sometimes say “cooked in containers that have used peanut oil”, meaning it would be an unsafe choice for those with allergies.  

Transfats; artificial food coloring; caffeine, MSG – many studies have proven that these ingredients are harmful to health and some students are especially sensitive to foods containing food colorings, MSG or caffeine.  When possible , items containing these ingredients should be avoided at school events.

Thank you for your support in following these guidelines.


MMS Administration