Making The Choice: Is Mount Madonna School Preschool Right For You?

When it comes to choosing a preschool for your child, the options can be overwhelming. How can you tell what preschool is right for you? While there are many good schools for children to learn, Mount Madonna School (MMS) combines a 375-acre campus in the redwoods, and a loving Montessori-based curriculum for a unique learning experience no other school offers. The MMS preschool might be the right choice for you if you:

  • Believe children should always be trusted and treated with respect
  • Support your child’s growth in independence and confidence in “practical life,” such as household routines, nutrition and body-care 
  • Value the opportunity for your child to be mentored and loved by elementary school “big buddies”  
  • Dream of your child learning in a majestic outdoor environment and building a close relationship with the natural world
  • Believe in empowering your child to build language skills and express themselves, reducing their frustrations around communication
  • Look forward to your child beginning kindergarten socially, emotionally and academically prepared

“The Mount Madonna School preschool is a thoughtfully curated environment where each child feels right at home to explore and discover,” said preschool teacher Danielle Barr. “Our goal is for each child to discover their own voice and freely express themselves, and also listen to others with curiosity. We believe that if children can participate in conversations with compassion, curiosity and truth, the future may be filled with healthier communication, stronger communities and a more compassionate existence. Our motto is ‘We are ALL learning’.”

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