Cast List for 13

Congratulations to all for your engagement in the audition process, your trusting yourself and those in the room to be positive witness to your experimentation and discovery. Casting does not denote success or failure in terms of growth and expansion. At the same time, disappointment is natural and part of life. For those experiencing sadness or frustration, hang in there; it stings now, but trust the process and yourself and find your way back to openness and opportunity. Ask, what can you bring to the process that will contribute and make this play outstanding?

As mentioned numerous times, the script will change, line and lyric assignments tweaked and switched around. Some of that information we’ll have on Wednesday, other decisions will come as the process unfolds. As of now, don’t highlight or count lines nor grow too attached to singing this or that song, as tempting as it may be. 

The Cast list simply identifies name, classification/grouping and in some cases, the pack or leader your character hangs around. Admittedly, this play is built a bit around stereotypical clichés- -jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, Goths, and preppies, as well as those with physical challenges. Anticipate bringing dimension to your assigned “type”. No one is simply a title….

We’ll begin our rehearsal process on Wednesday of next week learning the song, “13”. Our first after school call is Monday, 10/17. We’re still formulating that call and will announce it once we’re all back in school. We look forward to a wonderful invigorating and creative experience.

The Directing Team,

Sampad, Mayana, Leah