Attendance Procedure

If your child is sick or will be late getting to school, please call the school office at 408-847-2717 or send an email to before 9:30 am.

In your email or voicemail, please include:

  •     Your child’s name
  •     Grade
  •     Reason for absence or being tardy
  •     If they will be tardy, please give an approximate time your child will check in at the office before heading to class.

If we do not hear from you by 9:30am, you will receive an automated message informing you your child is marked absent. (You can update your notification preferences, i.e. email, text, voicemail at anytime by contacting Ardis).


Teachers will be recording attendance at the BUS STOP at 8:55. They will depart for their first period class promptly after that time.

If you arrive after 8:55, please do the following:

  1. Take your child directly to their teacher. Please do not drop-off students at the Bus Stop, Farmhouse, Upper Campus or Courtside Campus without connecting in-person with their classroom teacher. We need students to be supervised by adults at all times and schedules and morning activities may change, so please DO NOT  drop-off students and assume that they will find their teacher in the classroom.
  2. Contact the School Receptionist at 408-847-2717 and notify them that your child is in school. They will change the absence to a tardy after you notify them.

We are now recording partial day absences when a student misses a period or more of a day by, either arriving late or leaving early (one period = 50 minutes). Please remember to write a note to the teacher so that s/he can help prepare students for early departures if needed. (School sponsored activities such as volleyball games that require early departure will not be counted as the students are representing their school in a co-curricular activity.) 

Please drive safely. We would much rather you drive safely than hurry when you are running late. We know that mornings can be hectic and rushed, and children, like us, do better when we allow adequate time for arrivals and departures. Hopefully, the schedule below will help you with planning your day.


8:45-8:55am: Buses arrive, Carpool drop-off time and Teachers Greet Students

8:55am: Attendance is taken and Classes will depart from the Bus Stop

9:00am: Classes begin


3:15pm: Students arrive at the Bus Stop area, board the bus or meet their carpool drivers/ parents. PreK students who are going home by car, will be waiting on the steps of the Preschool with a teacher for pick-up, as we have been doing on Rainy Day pick-ups.

3:20pm: Non-bus riding students in grades 1-5 who have not yet met their driver or adult, will board one of our buses and get off at the Upper Campus. Students will wait for their adult in the Reception Office where adults are present. If you are running late, please go to the Upper Campus as we cannot stop the bus to unload a few students once it has left the bus area.

All remaining PreK students will go with their teachers back to the classroom if their driver has not arrived, unless you have given written permission to the PreK teachers for them to ride with an older sibling on the bus to the office.

3:25pm: The Bus leaves the lower campus bus area for the upper campus.

3:33pm: The Buses depart the upper campus for their return trips to town.

Please refer to the Parent Handbook for more detailed information about MMS attendance procedures.