High School

‘Kelp the Otters’: Elementary Students Create Educational DVD to Raise Awareness About Sea Otters

‘Kelp The Otters’ is more than a clever play on words…it a plea that Mount Madonna School’s 5th grade students have taken to heart – and are encouraging the public to join in. Their goal is to educate people about the plight of the California Sea Otter, which is identified by scientists as a keystone species. Keystone species play a critical role in maintaining the healthy structure of their environment, in this case, the ocean habitat.

Mount Madonna’s Model U.N. Club Participates in U.C. Davis Assembly

Mount Madonna School’s Model United Nations (MUN) Club participated in its final assembly of the 2010-2011 school year on May 14-15 at UC Davis. Student participants in the meet were: Alyssa Feskanin, Ryley Devine, and Zoe Kelly, 8th grade; Graydon Griffin and Kavi Duvvoori, 10th grade; Blythe Collier, Lulu Morell-Haltom, and Palak Bhatnagar, 11th grade.