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Student Spotlight: Lexi Julien

-Name, age, grade, city of residence
Lexi Julien, 17, 12th grade, Santa Cruz
-What inspires you? 
When someone is truly excited and passionate about something. It is amazing to watch how passion can transform someone, and nothing inspires me more than seeing one’s inner light shine through when they are doing what they love. 

Winter Concert Videos and Photos Available!

Kudos to our elementary teachers and students on a fabulous Winter Concert in December! Special appreciation to dance teacher Micha Scott for the lovely choreography, Elementary Music Director Sarojani Rohan for coodinating this annual concert, Anurag White and Monique Smith for office support, and to all who contributed to making this event possible. 
MMS parent Michael Don Carlos is makng his concert videos available for download. The link to his album* is: http://vimeo.com/album/2611641