Hawk News

MMS Juniors Venture to South Africa in June 2013

 The African word “Sawubona” means “I see you.” Like the Mount Madonna School Class of 2012 did before them, the current juniors chose this name to represent their upcoming trip to South Africa in June 2013. This unusual learning journey will be about seeing and gaining a new understanding of people in a part of the world that is far different from the one in which we live. Early next summer, sixteen students from the MMS “Values in World Thought” program will leave for Cape Town, which is the first stop on this journey of a lifetime.

Coastal Classroom: Students Study Marine Science, History and Ohlone Culture

On a trail below the highway bridge connecting Pescadero State Beach to the nearby marsh, students huddle together and listen quietly to a story about the lives of the Ohlone people – early inhabitants of the area. While people frequently learn history through museum visits and reading, this group of Mount Madonna School (MMS) third and fourth graders was in nature’s classroom, spending two days along the north coast learning about marine science, coastal ecology, and local history.

MMS Students Watch Last Flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour

The shuttle Endeavour, on its way to its new home at a Los Angeles science museum, flew over the Monterey Bay atop a 747 jumbo jet in the morning on Friday, September 21. MMS students came out of their classrooms to catch a glimpse of the shuttle, which was carried at very low-altitude. In fact, students on campus on the mountain actually looked down on the shuttle as it passed along the fog layer over the bay.