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Offshore and Underwater Learning: Marine Science at Catalina Island

The ninth grade class recently returned from a Learning Journey they call “Flow with Water” or Yeyeco Ica Atl in the language of the Pimungan people, the first human occupants of California’s Santa Catalina Island. The class went to Catalina Island off the coast of Long Beach and joined the Catalina Environmental Leadership Program (CELP) for a week of outdoor field studies, leadership challenges, and personal growth.

Seniors’ Bodhicitta Project Blog: Final Reflections

India is a place of dynamic diversity in landscape and lifestyle. It is not the vast disparities of wealth, which can be found in our own country, but the contrasts between the environments that struck me. The landscape shifted from agrarian countryside to a skyline dominated by looming high rises still clasped in their scaffolding. I saw old men wearing traditional Indian clothing standing next to people in suits talking on their cellphones. India presented many contrasts between archaic and modern ways of living. Witnessing people living in so many different ways brought to the forefront of my mind the question, “What is the best way to live?” – Bryson Smith, MMS class of 2013 

The senior class’ concluding reflections about their recent Learning Journey to India are now posted on the Bodhicitta Project blog. Read more at: http://www.santacruzlive.com/blogs/mtmadonna/

MMS Senior Capstone Project: Raising Funds for CMIA in Jos, Nigeria


My name is Aimee Hopkins, and I am a senior at Mount Madonna School. I am working to raise money for a school in Africa, named Creative Minds International Academy, for my Capstone Project this year. The school is in Jos, a very poor part of Nigeria. The founder and principal of CMIA, Emmanuel Ivorgba, has incorporated Values-based education in his school to teach universal human values, such as compassion and kindness, to his students. He has also worked to stop the practice of violent consequences traditionally practiced in most schools as punishment for unsatisfactory student behavior. Mr. Ivorgba also works to end tensions between Muslims and Christians.

Don’t Miss the Vendors and Organizations at the 2013 Summit for the Planet!

In addition to the enjoying the morning walk-a-thon with friends and family, attendees of the Summit for the Planet celebration will not want to miss the engaging array of eco-conscious vendors and organizations at the event. Below is some information about event participants.

Thank you to sponsors SunRidge Farms and the Michael Lee Educational Foundation who helped make this event possible (but will not be hosting event booths).

SunRidge Farms

India Learning Journey Blog: Bodhicitta Project 2013: Video, Photos, and Student Reflections

Interested in knowing more about the experiences of Mount Madonna School senior class during their recent Learning Journey to India? A new 14-minute video by Devin Kuman (’06) is now posted.

Watch the Bodhicitta Overview video and follow the blog at: http://www.santacruzlive.com/blogs/mtmadonna/