Shannon Kelly (’92), B.A.

Director of High School, “Values in American/World Thought”, College Counselor, World Religions
B.A., Politics, Minor in History, University of California, Santa Cruz

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2008

Mount Madonna School Graduate, Class of 1992


Anand Darsie, B.A.

Middle/High Voice Teacher, Musical Theater Director
B.A., Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, Bloomington

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2013

“The setting and philosophy of MMS fit perfectly with my own personal mission of allowing students to express themselves creatively through music. When it comes to singing, I place enormous value on letting nature inform vocal production while paying close attention to musical details and honing specific performance practices. I am excited to work hard with the Sampad, Mayana and the students in what is clearly– based on fabulous previous performances — a spectacular and deeply collaborative process.”

Bob%20Caplan_1Bob Caplan, B.S.

Dean of Students, Art, Advisory, Communication Skills, Student Guidance
Teacher Certification, Metropolitan State College, Denver CO, B.S., Design, University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA, B.A., Liberal Arts, Temple University, Philadelphia PA

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2006

“When I accepted the teaching position offered to me by Mount Madonna School, I anticipated an environment in which individual teachers and learners would be recognized for our strengths, supported in our growth and challenged to expand our roles as global citizens. I have not been disappointed! I feel academically stimulated and personally fulfilled in this family-oriented community of learners. The school administration sets a tone of high expectations and responsible delegation for faculty and
students, inspiring in me a sense of empowerment and commitment to the school’s three pillars: academic excellence, creative self-expression and positive character development. This is especially appropriate for me as a teacher of visual arts and social/emotional intelligence. I am honored to share my passion for lifelong learning with the Mount Madonna School community.”

Chrislaine Pamphile Miller, Ph.D.

English 6, Social Studies
Ph.D. and M.A., History, University of California, Santa Cruz; Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, John F. Kennedy University; B.A. American Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz


  • “Haitians in the United States Revolution” in Haiti: An Island Luminous, part of The Digital Library of the Caribbean, Florida International University
  • Co-author with The Center for World History at the University of California Santa Cruz, “The United States and the World: A Globalized History Survey,” in Carl Guarneri, ed. Teaching American History in a Global Context. New York: M.E. Sharpe, 2008

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2017

Erika%20RosendaleErika Rosendale (’05), B.F.A.

Middle/High Art
B.F.A., Visual Arts and Painting, Boston University

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2012

Mount Madonna School Graduate, Class of 2005


Erin MitchellErin Mitchell (’10), B.A.

Middle School Athletic Director, Elementary and Middle School Physical Education, Fifth Grade Teaching Assistant, High School Volleyball Coach
B.A., Anthropology, Humboldt State University, A.A., Liberal Arts, Cabrillo College, Aptos

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2016

Mount Madonna School Graduate, Class of 2010

Jose Ocampo

8th Grade Spanish



Joined Mount Madonna School in 2017


Katrina%20Leni-KonigKatrina Leni-Konig, B.S.

Math and Science
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, Enrolled in M.A. Sustainability and Environmental Management, Harvard University Extension; Waldorf Teacher Training, Escola Anaba, Florianopolis, Brazil; Enrolled in Biodynamic Beekeeping, Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2015

“As a teacher of math and science, I seek to nurture each student’s own personal connection with nature, build their confidence, and allow their curiousity to flourish so that they can continue to be life-long learners. At MMS, teachers are supported in developing a classroom environment that nourishes each students own innate curiousity. The campus is the ideal setting for direct experience with nature that inspires learning and stimulates imagination. The community has a deep reverence for all life, the human experience, and our world which is passed on to the students through our work in educating the whole child. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to participate in the community as a teacher and parent at MMS.”

Lisa Catterall, M.A.

Physics, Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry, “The Factory”
MAEd.,Curriculum and Instruction, Concordia University, B.A., Golden Key Scholar, Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder; , Six-Sigma Black Belt, Genentech


  • Catterall, L. Women, Art, and Pedagogy: Using Arts Integration to Address Gender Disparity in STEM Subjects, Concordia University, May 2015
  • Catterall, L. Science with Humanity: An Integrated Course in Human Studies and Bioethics, California Association of Independent Schools Faculty Newsletter, Spring 2014
  • Catterall, L. and Catterall, J. Science on the Right Side of the Brain: An Activity Book for Arts Integration, I-group Books, 2010
  • Rudge SR, Kurtz TL, Vessely CR, Catterall LG, Williamson DL (2000). “Preparation, characterization and performance of magnetic iron-carbon composite microparticles for chemotherapy.” Biomaterials 21, 1411-1420.
  • Rudge, S., Peterson, C., Vessely, C., Koda, J., Stevens, S., Catterall, L. (2001). “Adsorption and desorption of chemotherapeutic drugs from a magnetically targeted carrier (MTC).” Journal of Controlled Release Vol. 74, 335-340.

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2007

“I teach at Mount Madonna because the work we do at the school to create deep learning experiences for our students in every subject is becoming a rare commodity in Education. I love the families who are attracted to real learning and the community that gathers here around bringing-up kids who can think, create, question, and influence their world. I enjoy the commitment to passion, innovation, and intellectual rigor in the learning environment.”

Pedro Aguirre (’15)

Middle School Volleyball Coach


Joined Mount Madonna School in 2017

Mount Madonna School Graduate, Class of 2015


Sampad%20KachuckSampad Martin Kachuck, M.A.

Director of Performing Arts, English
M.A., Directing Children’s Theater, San Jose State University; B.A., Theater Arts, University of California, Santa Cruz; Professional Actor and Director.

Joined Mount Madonna School in 1982

“I treasure and appreciate teaching at Mt. Madonna School for a variety of reasons, including the setting of the school within an intentional community whose philosophical foundation is built upon ideals and values similar to my own. I greatly value the small class sizes and resulting magnified opportunity of getting to know my students personally. I am truly appreciative of the freedoms I am given as a teacher to develop curriculum and to experiment creatively in a supportive atmosphere. Both faculty and students are part of a dynamic learning community, where we all strive to be better at our craft, to be better in our roles as student/teacher and most importantly, to be better as people.”

Sara Sobkoviak, B.S.

8th-12th Grades Spanish, Track and Field Coach
B.S. Mass Media Communications, Minor in Spanish, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa Oklahoma; Certificate of Spanish Language & Culture, Costa Rican Language Academy

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2015


Sidd%20McDonaldSidd Jot McDonald, B.S.E.E.

Middle and High School Mathematics, Volleyball Coach
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Seattle University

Joined Mount Madonna School in 2003

“Teaching allows me to explore the richness and challenges of mathematics along with the students. With a dedicated and motivated student body the mathematics curriculum is more of an exciting exploration than a repetition of facts. Teaching within the environment of Mount Madonna allows the students, and myself, a more contemplative atmosphere. Knowing all the students personally allows for a bonding which encourages each of us to strive to higher levels of understanding by supporting each other.”