Honk Cast List

8th Grade

Sandy The Bullfrog Boy’s Voice
Bella Jaybird, TV Host
Mariah Dot, Greylag’s Assistant Goose
Iris Herky, the Mother Turkey
Sam K Drake, the Father Duck
Cecily Greylag, the Commander Goose
Maddie  Maureen, the Moorhen
Samantha Ugly, the Duckling
JT Roger, the Rooster Ferdinand, the Father Swan
Samy M The Cat
Zoe Ida, the Mother Duck
Collin Ted, the Tenacious Turkey Farmer’s Voice
Taylor Grace, The Queen of the Duckyard
Anna Katie Cluck, the Hen Penny, the Sweetest Swan & Girl’s Voice
Kaya Agnes, the Dramatic Duck
Eve Henrietta, the Mother Hen Lily, the Mother Swan


7th Grade

Wyatt A Boggles, the Turkey
Irulan Filia Fowl, the Hen & Bewick, the Youngest Swan
Wyatt E Joe, a Camera Crew Blue Bird
Anya Fluff, the Duckling
Isabel Snowy, the Goose
Erik Billy, the Duckling
Henry Bob, a Camera Crew Blue Bird
Ethan Pinkfoot, the Goose
Paris Pam, a Camera Crew Blue Bird
Sophia Barnacles, the Goose
Emma Downy, the Duckling
Josie Beaky, the Duckling
Ona Feathers, the Goose
Cooper Kipper, the Goose
Logan Gobbles, the Turkey
Callum Slow Flow, the Goose


6th Grade

Destiney Millie, the Mouse Princess, the Frog
Mordecai Mikey, the Grandpa Mouse Mr. Frog, the Frog
Luke C Mason, the Mouse Hypnotoad, the Frog
Rocco Marven, the Mouse Pierre, the Frog
Colby Murphy, the Mouse Plutoad, the Frog
Tej Milo, the Mouse Croaky, the Frog
Kinsey Misty, the Mouse Ribbit, the Frog
Ava Macie, the Mama Mouse Freckles, the Frog
Emi Mimi, the Grandma Mouse Legs, the Frog
Luc M Maurice, the Mouse Kermy, the Frog
Issac Mateo, the Mouse Hip Hop, the Frog
Cisco Malcolm, the Mouse Frogster, the Frog
Jillian Maya, the Grandma Mouse Lollihops, the Frog
Cavan Maeve, the Mama Mouse Lilly Paddy, the Frog
Alexander Marshall, the Papa Mouse Hoppy, the Frog
Asher Miles, the Papa Mouse Jumpy, the Frog
Elyse Molly, the Mouse Hopalong, the Frog
Nash Marco, the Grandpa Mouse Jeremiah, the Frog
Amelie Mila, the Mouse Water Lilly, the Frog