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Santa Cruz Sentinel: Summit for the Planet Walk-a-thon

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/13/2014, "MMS Host annual Summit for the Planet." Read more: Mount Madonna students Say, "Don't be a nurdle, help the sea turtle", 4/11/2014, "Mount Madonna students say 'Don't be a nurdle, help the sea turtle'," by Amy Larson. Read more:

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May 21, 2014

Imagination and Creativity: Student Recognized for “Flying” Car

Congratulations to Mount Madonna School fourth grade student Addy Catterall-Pendleton, who was recognized recently for his project entered in the 2014 Santa Cruz County Science Fair. For his project “Maglev,” Catterall-Pendleton was recognized for his creative engineering skills with a prize to attend a workshop at the Makers Factory in Santa Cruz.

Independent School: Taking Aim: Students Engage in Outdoor Adventure

Independent School magazine, Spring 2014, "Taking aim: students engage in outdoor adventure," by Leigh Ann Clifton. Photo by Maureen Pramanik. Read more:

Fifth Grade Receives Disney Friends for Change Grant for Global Youth Service Day

The fifth grade class at Mount Madonna School (MMS) was recently awarded a Disney Friends for Change Youth Grant through Youth Service America (YSA).

Passion, Profit and Long-Term Happiness: Career Forum Engages Students

“You won’t excel at something that you don’t have passion for,” advised attorney Brian Liddicoat to students during the recent 4th annual Career Forum at Mount Madonna School (MMS). “It wasn’t until well after I left law school that I realized that I really enjoy litigation rather than transactional work and now I do full-time litigation and love it. I find my litigation work very, very interesting and that’s the only reason I can put in the long hours. I look forward to going to work.

Feel-Good Fundraising: Summit for the Planet Walk-a-thon and Festival Offers Healthy Family Fun and Nonprofit Support

Garbed in costume-like fashions made from colorful plastic packaging, aluminum foil, assorted paper products, re-purposed fabric and more, about a dozen children, ages 7 to 17, strutted confidently across the stage during last year’s Summit for the Planet “Trash Fashion” show.

Understanding, Appreciation and Respect: Students Explore Indigenous Cultures

Duwamish, San, Quechua, Maori, Aborigine, and Haida – these enduring, vibrant and distinct cultures from around the world will be spotlighted by Mount Madonna School (MMS) students in their upcoming Cultural Awareness presentations on March 27 and 28. Each year, MMS students, preschool through fifth grade, spend a semester on in-depth learning about a single culture, or, this year, a theme – Indigenous Cultures.

“According to the United Nations Guide for Indigenous Peoples, there are an estimated 300 million indigenous people in more than 70 countries worldwide. By studying stories, music, dance, art, geography, and culture we see life through another lens, developing understanding and empathy,” observed MMS Head of Lower School, Supriya McDonald. “Indigenous Cultures are the base of human civilization. They share some commonalities of purpose and practice, and yet express their culture with very unique lifestyles that are influenced by the climate and geography that surrounds them. Our salute to a few of the world’s indigenous cultures is our way of showing appreciation and respect. We honor the old ways, as well as share lessons that we can use and preserve for our children and their children.”