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Statistics AP Exam

May 13, 2015

Computer Science A AP Exam

May 07, 2015

Learning About Civil Rights in Fourth Grade

Mount Madonna School's f

Thinking About the Future: Parents Present Career Forum for Students

THANK YOU to everyone who made our Career Forum another great success! A special thank you goes to our Planning Committee and Participants for their invaluable contribution. It was fun, engaging and a wonderful learning experience. It takes a great amount of time and energy to plan and execute this wonderful event so please know that it is of great value to and appreciated by our student community.

An Exchange of Ideas and Values: Woodside Priory Visits MMS

The concept of value is often used in connection to material possessions, as opposed to more intangible entities such as education and learning. What would happen, then, if high school students were asked to first define this concept of value for themselves and continually return to and reflect upon that definition in the classroom and infuse it into their own studies?

Finding Joy: High School Seniors Journey to India

On March 27, sixteen Mount Madonna School (MMS) seniors departed on an adventure that will take them half way around the world to New Delhi, India. For the students it will be a significant journey to another culture, where they will experience a society that is far older and quite different from what they are used to: different in language, history, food, religion and social customs.

Students' Projects Recognized at County Science and Engineering Fair

Congratulations to inspired seventh grade scientists Ksenia Medvedeva, Lily Hernandez and Will Pramanik, for entering projects in the 27th annual Santa Cruz County Science and Engineering Fair! 
Pramanik’s project, “Momentum vs.

Morgan Hill Times, Student of the Week: Priyanka Bharghavan

-Name, age, grade, city of residence
Priyanka Bharghavan, 13, 8th grade, Morgan Hill
-What inspires you? 
My family and friends inspire me and encourage me every day.
-What is your favorite subject in school, and why? 
Art is my favorite class.

Exploration and Learning: Students Share A 'Journey Through Africa'

“Passengers, please direct your attention out of the plane’s right side windows,” said enthusiastic “flight attendant” and Mount Madonna School (MMS) first grade teacher Cassia Laffin to her students. “In the distance, reaching 19,341 feet you can see Mount Kilimanjaro! And, over there, winding for thousands of miles, the remarkable Nile River!

Students Collect Donations for Columbian Indigenous Schools

As part of a project in their Spanish classes at Mount Madonna School (MMS), eighth through eleventh grade students are seeking donations of school supplies and used clothing for students at two indigenous schools, the Arhuacan school, La Institucion Etnoeducativa Tairona de Bunkwimake and the Wiwa school, Zalemaku de Sertuga, located in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Columbia.